Tooth Extractions in Naperville, IL 

Unlocking the Truth About Tooth Extractions: Your Guide to Dental Health

While keeping your natural teeth intact is always the goal, tooth extractions may become necessary in certain situations. Let's delve into the reasons why, and what to expect during this common dental procedure.

Why Tooth Extraction?

  • Deep Decay: When decay reaches the pulp of the tooth, rendering it unstable and unsalvageable, extraction may be the only option.

  • Extra Teeth: Baby teeth that refuse to vacate the premises can disrupt proper alignment, necessitating extraction to make room for alignment.

  • Periodontal Disease: Advanced gum disease can erode bone and gum tissue, compromising the tooth's stability and requiring removal.

  • Orthodontic Treatment: Sometimes, teeth need to be extracted to create space for proper alignment during orthodontic treatment.

  • Fractured Teeth: In cases where a tooth is severely fractured and beyond repair, extraction may be unavoidable.

The Extraction Procedure:

  • Simple Extraction: Fully emerged teeth are gently removed under local anesthesia using specialized instruments.

  • Surgical Extraction: For impacted or inaccessible teeth, surgical procedures may be necessary. This involves making an incision, removing bone tissue if needed, and sometimes, dividing the tooth into sections for easier removal.

If you're facing a tooth extraction, rest assured that Naper Perio will guide you through the process, ensuring comfort and clarity every step of the way. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns – your dental team is here to support you.

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